Brief Introduction of Who We Are

Welnergy prides itself in the sphere of sophisticated, innovative and creative branding, marketing and globalization consultation and management services. Welnergy was incorporated to take over one segment of Celles businesses. Since its incorporation, Welnergy has acquired an established energy and environmental factory. Throughout the years, we have also successfully built our reputation in total turn-key project of reviving turmoil businesses. Please check out our awesome projects.

During the course of our enormous growth in our advisory business of Branding and Marketing, we have discovered the need for companies to shift their businesses globally to catch on track the ever evolving advancement in internet and communication technology. Therefore, a new division of Globalization is born. On top of consultation in branding, marketing and globalization; Welnergy also has active investment and involvement in managing energy, environmental and social businesses. If you are seeking to grow your present company into the next plateau with fresh new look, contact us now!

Projects & Works

Highlighting a Few of Our Past and Present Projects

2019 Establishing Health Drinks and Soup Franchise - Since 2018, our subsidiary company BioCelles has approached us with a concept to make BioCelles' valuable 100-year old traditional formulas of functional herbs available to the public; as a means of health care for the public. This is done through licensing or franchising for a faster expansion to make the ancient quality health care tincture products and services ripple with a broader coverage throughout South East Asia. Intensive meetings and planning have been carried out for the past few months to identify the right functional formulas that target the most common ailments faced by majority of people in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. The first flagship stall will be in the town of Ipoh in Malaysia in Mid 2019. Since these fuctional herbal formulation are passed down by our founder's ancestors dated back to the year of 1800s, we named it 1899 Tea. Please get in touch with us or with BioCelles company for Franchising or Cooperation opportunity.

2018 Celles Construction, Renovation and Waterproofing - Since 2015, our HQ in Singapore has embarked to acquire a Construction & Renovation company. The project was lead by our Celles founder Mr. Hiew and was tasked to Welnergy Consultancy. "Why Construction & Renovation?"   You may ask? It was since our founder' has discovered the poor workmanship of majority of recent year projects throughout Malaysia and Asia, which the houses of these projects are prone for water leakage of all kinds (roof, drainage, balcony, wall etc.) and with terrible quality where most bricks, concrete and walls were not properly cemented. As well as improper and not friendly electrical wiring and power sockets placement. How so that our Founder discovered this? It's since few of those houses acquired for investment by our Founder were having these issues and problems. Especially his invested houses in Melaka and Johor. Mr. Hiew has tried to find local contractor and renovator to solve these problems, but to his surprise and dismay, majority of the contractors in Melaka & Johor are only middle person where they then assigned these project to Indonesian workers or Nepalese workers lead by local inexperienced builders. That's why the quality of these recently built houses in Melaka and Johor, probably the rest of Malaysia (houses that are built since 2009) are having terrible quality, especially poor leak waterproofing system. As comparing to those high-quality built in Ipoh by Ipoh Chinese old-timer "uncle" contractors. There is a reason why old-timer Chinese builders and contractors in Ipoh are the highest quality amongst all those in Malaysia. It's since 1950s, under the British Briggs Plan during the Malayan Emergency of colonial ruling of British in Malaya (old Malaysia). British contain Chinese in a barb-wired parameters village to segregate the Chinese villagers from the early Malayan Races Liberation Army insurgents, the called these villages, "New Village". And only provided them with logs and simple building materials, the Chinese then build their own houses from ground up in these new villages. The largest community of "new village" in Malaysia is located in Ipoh, Perak. Up to a number of more than 400 new villages. Since our Founder is an Ipoh boy, to-date he never seen any leaking of those 3 houses he invested in Ipoh. Disappointment of the low quality of contractors and builders in Melaka and Johor, our Founder has over the years started to recruit and headhunted the best masters in construction and renovation from Ipoh to reconstruct and renovate his own invested properties in Melaka and Johor. And since then, neighbours of his newly renovated houses have discovered the high quality of these reconstructed houses by his team, especially in waterproofing... words of the high quality and reliability spreaded; and over the years, we have earned our fame. Finally, in 2018, our Founder has decided to restructure one of his company Celles Resources to undertake this new tasks. In January 2018, Celles Construction, Renovation and Waterproofing is born! 

2016~2017 TYG Motor & Heng Used Car - With the economic downtrend heavily hit Malaysia with its falling currency and political uncertainty, second hand car dealer faced a hard time and sales dropped to 5-year low. One of our client introduced us to Heng Used Car to assist them to provide a solution to turn the business around. We have study the market of this specific segment and also creatively designed a solution to make some of those "not-so-easy-to-sell" second hand cars, and turned these cars into Rental cars. We approached conglomerate, public listed companies and other foreign big companies to offer them yearly and quarterly car rental services, with and without chauffeur. Also for tourist touring Ipoh during holidays and weekend. We even approached universities and colleges new entry students for long term contractual car rental services. And we have assist the company to start making profit again. After successful with this idea for second hand car, we have also approached a motorbikes and motorcycles company TYG to replicate the same success for car into motorbikes segment. Due to the fact that some of the university students affordability for a second hand car rental is low, so we go for a motorbikes/motorcycles long term contractual rental services. And to date, the turn-around solution provided by our Welnergy team proven successful for both car and motorbikes. 

2017 ProCare Detailing - The vehicles and car detailing plus car wash center is facing enormous challenges since last year and the owner has approached us for a seemingly daunting solution to bring its dropping sales back to profitability. We started with 1 month of study and understanding the local market of this specific business segment. From our findings, there are many newly open and smaller car wash and detailing centers that are affecting my client's business. Since this business has a very low entry-barrier that only required small investment and no-specific technology, which means easy to learn and operate. Our business plan to our client is a 3 prongs solution plan. Firstly, we lock down long-time supporting customers with a loyalty plan which partnered with nearby cafes and restaurants with immediate cash rebates. This is to prevent existing long-time supporting customers from going to other competitors. Secondly, we have UP the competition by adding a new service to go to customers& location for a pre-service pickup and after-service delivery of their beloved vehicles, we even polish and wax in customers& house without the hassle of sending the vehicle over to the center. Thirdly, we streamlined the day to day business operation by saving resources, viz. workers time, water, material usage etc. We even improved on the work-flow to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. After few months of operation under our proposal and guidelines, this car detailing center has seen its business profitability increased about 12%. We are still in continuous fine tuning and improving the plan of this client until another 6 months to achieve a possible 20% improvement.

2015~2016 Yap's Wood Crafting - Our thorough study found out that the expenditure of the company is too big to sustain the factory's operation. We have proposed and executed a plan to sell the land to an adjacent company and move the existing structural factory building to a more strategic and cost-conscious location. With the slimming of the factory, efficiency and effectiveness management system were easily introduced and executed. Hence,the work-flow of the production was redesigned and fresh new staffs are re-hired to learn a set of streamlined new production skills. Branding for products was applied, prior to this, there wasn't any brand. New suppliers with better quality and cheaper raw material were sourced. New production lines were created for new customers with fast moving products thus generating faster cash-flow turnover. Financial reporting and accounting of the company were restructured with flexibility for future growth in mind. RESULTS: after approximately 2-year in engaging Welnergy to manage and re-engineer Yap's Wood Crafting business, the company has seen closed to 3 fold increased in its net profits.

2012~2013 Habibee's Food Products & Catering - The company faced strong competition from newcomers into the food industry and catering segment. Existing products and business orders were slow and created a dent in the company financial. Employees and management staffs of the company were despair and demoralized. We have planned and executed a full scale restructuring of the company by streamlining its production lines. Has successfully bring down the over-produced wastage of raw-material, as well as all its end products. A plan to tie up with relevant food stalls and creative marketing was executed in full scale to enhance the corporate image, bringing in more orders and the quality of its food produced has been increased due to shorter lead-time, thus... successfully increased its sales and has since reduced wastage. We are in the midst of preparing Habibee in the process of applying for HACCP and ISO 22000 food safety management certification.


Brief Introduction of What We Do

Our business is generally divided into 4 main segments, viz. Branding Solutions, Marketing Solutions, Globalizaton Solutions and Business Consulting. Here's the brief overview of our business segments:

Enhanced with strong impression of the company name, logo & reputation. Enhanced valuation of the products and services. Enhanced awareness of the producs' benefits and quality. Creating lasting impression and repetitive viral effect of corporate branding.

Solution on Content Marketing

Increased the sales of the company. Broaden the coverage of customers' penetration. Enhanced the stickiness of repetitive return sales and orders. Improve on the after-sales-service to cross-selling other similar products. Implementing and executing various creative marketing strategies through conventional and latest innovative channels that are exactly tailored to the business.

Strategic Disruptive Creative Social Marketing Solution

Opening up the products and services into a bigger market outside of the area where the business is presently located. Perform full-scale business analysis into the culture, products, services and management of the company to map the company towards another similar global market-place. Worldwide turn-key business and company setup, co-operation and distribution managements for any businesses.

Business Expansion and Internationalisation

We also champion viable project to turn-around any business issues and problems to make business thrive. We help company to get strategic investment partners, as well as funding. We have also executed a project on bringing a company into public listing. An in-depth feasibility study on the company and its businesses will be done before we champion any project.

Business Turn-around and Reactivation




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